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The name "Occasional Photo" was chosen because it is a play on words. Candid event photography is my speciality—the occasional photograph taken during a special event "occasion". Really, it just tweaked my ironic sense of humor. It does, however describe what we do pretty well.

If you look at our gallery, you will see photographs taken at several events, both indoor and outdoor. That's the style of photography that we do. It's often a cross between photojournalism and candid photography with an interest in the occasional intimate (candid) portrait thrown in.

Most of the events photographed are ones that my kids participate in. This is an obvious choice as it combines two things that I have a passion for: my three kids and photography. Scouting is another of my passions and the Central Florida Council of the Boy Scouts of America has asked me to take photographs at several events for them. I have also taken photographs at other events and as my photography skills improve, I am finding more and more people interested in having me photograph their events. I'm even beginning to accept the invitations.

For each event, I provide a CD with the images to my point of contact and I place the photographs online where they are available for download or purchase. It's not uncommon for me to also get and distribute 4" x 6" prints (for regularly attended events or activities). The only reason to take the photographs is for interested people to be able to see them. Hopefully, people find them compelling enough that when they visit the gallery, they will purchase some prints.

If you are interested in having an event photographed, please feel free to send your request—including when, how long, and where—via email to info@occasionalphoto.com or telephone at 407 467-1919. It is quite possible, especially if outside of normal working hours, that I would be available to take photographs for you. Fee arrangements will be made based upon the event and the possibility of people being interested in purchasing prints from the website.

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