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The photographs here on occasionalphoto.com are the result of many hours of heartfelt effort. If you were at one of the events with us, you surely remember seeing the crazy person with the camera bouncing around from place to place. Taking the pictures is the fun—and quick—part. It's after the shoot that the real time investment begins. At a typical event, between 150 and 500 photographs are taken each hour. The end result is usually between 300 and 2,500 photographs that need to be processed following each event.

Post processing all of those photos takes time. First, all of the photos must be uploaded to the computer and then each one must be examined for quality. Every effort is made to take a great picture every time but the reality is that only about 20-40% are really worth keeping. (And that's on a really good day when no significant mistakes are made!) Even at only 2 second per shot, just looking at the photos and throwing away 80% of them takes more than half an hour. That's the easy part.

Each of the remaining photos need to be looked over in detail. Adjustments are made to improve the quality of each photograph. Fixing the white balance (getting rid of any green florescent casts or yellow incandescent casts, cropping the photos to improve the composition, adjusting the exposure, contrast, highlights, and shadows, and spotting to remove significant blemishes and imperfections. This cleanup process usually takes between two and four minutes per photo. Let's see, 20% of 1,000 photos is 200 photos. At two and a half minutes per photo, that's 500 minutes or eight and a half hours. So, we're up to nine hours of post processing.

After all of the selections and corrections have been made, it's time to create any prints, upload the images to the website an create a photo CD for the event sponsor. The image files need to be exported in a format that can be used and then uploaded to the printer, the website and/or burned to the CD. This can take as little as a half hour but often the uploads will take several hours. Thankfully, the uploads can take place unassisted.

So, all in all, there is about 12 hours of work that goes into taking and processing the photographs that you see here. When you add in the cost of the camera equipment and any prints that are produced, there's a lot of time and money invested. We feel that the investment is worth it because of people like you who are interested in seeing, and owning, good, quality pictures of yourself and your loved ones.

If you would like to help support these photographic efforts, please feel free to visit our gallery and purchase some prints. The photographs can be downloaded for free, however, every purchase helps to make my efforts worthwhile. It's great to have people saying "thank you" and knowing that they really appreciate the efforts.

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