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Occasional Photo is an outlet for a passion. I started taking photographs in 1977 using my father's Canon AE-1. This was a great camera at the time and it was great being able to photograph many of the things that I saw and experienced. I had a great time and I had the full photography experience including using and operating a darkroom. Unfortunately, the cost of taking and processing the photographs was too much for my limited, youthful income. I just couldn't get past the quarter that dropped each time I clicked the shutter. I had to give it up. The experience, however, laid a great foundation for understanding what pictures were and what they weren't.

That was then and this is now. Digital. Wow, what a concept. I don't have to make a print just to be able to see the image and I don't have to print an image that isn't worth printing. I am now able to take as many pictures as I want and the costs boil down to the cost of the equipment and the value of the time that needs to be invested in post-producdtion. Of course, that's the trade off... It takes a lot of time to process a lot of pictures.

In 2000, I bought my first digital camera and started taking pictures again. The new camera really impressed me but I really wasn't over my (cost) phobia about taking pictures. It took me nearly four more years, and the original camera dying, to really get back into photography. At that time, I bought a new digital SLR camera—a new, hot-off-the-line, Nikon D80. Now I had an expensive camera and I decided to use it.

The past several years have been a whirlwind of photographs and experience. I started shooting more photographs of my kids and the events that they attended. I started shooting photographs at Scouting events and then other venues. I grabbed and read multiple books on photography and worked hard to build my knowledge and experience. It's been a great time and I've really enjoyed seeing the improvement in the quality of the photographs I've been taking.

Occasional Photo photographs have been published in yearbooks, catalogs, flyers, magazines, and other places. It's been great to see other people enjoying the photographs. Some people find them good enough to purchase. This is really exciting to me as I have this hope that, in time and as I become a better photographer, people will want to purchase enough of my photos that I will be able photograph full-time—and keep a roof over my children's heads. ;)

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